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Lawton Tubes, a leading copper pipe supplier in Kuwait, is dedicated to providing quality pipes across the ACR, plumbing, and medical sectors. Find out more about how we can help.

Lawton Tubes specialise in providing premium copper pipes in Kuwait.

We collaborate with local and independent merchants to deliver high-quality plumbing and air-conditioning copper tubes.

With a decade of experience, we have expanded our reach to over 42 countries, serving a range of sectors, including plumbing, air-conditioning, medical, and engineering.

Explore our range of Kuwait copper pipes and tubes:

Our copper pipe sizes

Wall (mm)TemperMax Working
Pressure bar up
 Diameter Tolerance MeanDiameter Tolerance Including Ovality
60.6 (TX)Half Hard133±10%± 0.04mm±0.09mm
60.6Soft90±10%± 0.04mmNot applicable
60.8 (TY)Half Hard188±10%± 0.04mm±0.09mm
80.6 (TX)Half Hard97±10%± 0.04mm±0.09mm
80.6Soft66±10%± 0.04mmNot applicable
80.8 (TY)Half Hard136±10%± 0.04mm±0.09mm
100.6 (TX)Half Hard77±10%± 0.04mm±0.09mm
100.7 (TY)Soft62±10%± 0.04mmNot applicable
100.8 (TY)Half Hard106±10%± 0.04mm±0.09mm
120.6 (TX)Half Hard63±10%± 0.04mm±0.09mm
120.8 (TY)Half Hard87±10%± 0.04mm±0.09mm
150.7 (TX)Half Hard58±10%± 0.04mm±0.09mm
151.0 (TY)Half Hard87±13%± 0.04mm±0.09mm
151.0 (TY)Soft67±13%± 0.04mmNot applicable
220.9 (TX)Half Hard51±10%± 0.05mm±0.10mm
221.2 (TY)Half Hard69±15%± 0.05mm±0.10mm
221.2 (TY)Soft57±15%± 0.05mmNot applicable
280.9 (TX)Half Hard40±10%± 0.05mm±0.10mm
281.2 (TY)Half Hard55±15%± 0.05mm±0.10mm
351.0 (LiteX)Hard42±15%± 0.06mm±0.07mm
351.2 (TX)Half Hard42±10%± 0.06mm±0.11mm
351.5 (TY)Hard64±10%± 0.06mm±0.07mm
421.0 (LiteX)Hard35±15%± 0.06mm±0.07mm
421.2 (TX)Half Hard35±10%± 0.06mm±0.11mm
421.5 (TY)Hard53±10%± 0.06mm±0.07mm
541.2 (TX)Hard33±15%± 0.06mm±0.07mm
542.0 (TY)Hard55±10%± 0.06mm±0.07mm
66.71.2 (TX)Hard26±15%± 0.07mm±0.10mm
66.72.0 (TY)Hard45±15%± 0.07mm±0.10mm
76.11.5 (TX)Hard29±15%± 0.07mm±0.10mm
76.12.0 (TY)Hard39±15%± 0.07mm±0.10mm
1081.5 (TX)Hard20±15%± 0.07mm±0.20mm
1082.5 (TY)Hard34±15%± 0.07mm±0.20mm
1331.5 (TX)Hard16±15%± 0.20mm±0.70mm
1592.0 (TX)Hard18±15%± 0.20mm±0.70mm
2193.0 (TX)Hard20±15%± 0.60mm±1.50mm

Benefits of our Kuwait Copper Pipes

Over 100 years of quality copper pipes

For over 100 years, Lawton Tubes has been a reliable source for quality copper pipes. Committed to excellence, we rigorously test each pipe in-house to ensure superior quality.


Flexible range of sizes to choose from

Explore our selection of copper pipes available in various dimensions. Choose the length and wall thickness that suits your project requirements.


Swift delivery time

With over 4,000 product lines in our 60,000 square foot warehouse, we ensure quick delivery. Accessible on demand, our extensive stock minimises delivery times, meeting your project deadlines with ease.

All-in-one solution

Discover everything you need for your copper piping projects in one convenient place, from copper pipe fittings to copper coil tubes. Simplify the payment process with just one invoice to manage.


Reliable and convenient delivery

Rely on us for dependable delivery – our dedicated fleet dispatches over 120 customer orders daily. Experience swift and hassle-free delivery of premium copper pipes directly to your facility.

Choose Lawton Tubes for reliable copper pipes that align with Kuwait’s commitment to excellence and progress. We are your partners for quality copper pipes in Kuwait’s dynamic future.


Our Medical & International Sales Manager at the Arab Health Exhibition Awards 2023 in Dubai (On the right)
Our Medical & International Sales Manager at the Arab Health Exhibition Awards 2023 in Dubai (On the right)

Frequently asked questions about our Kuwait Copper Pipes

Do you deliver internationally?

Yes, our efficient export department can arrange shipping via full container, LCL, or air, depending on your needs.

Just get in touch with us.

Do you have offices or a plant outside the UK?

We’re based in Coventry, United Kingdom but collaborate with local distributors in over 35 countries, including the Kuwait.

Where can I buy Lawton Tubes copper pipes in Kuwait?

We have a wide range of independent and national merchants in our network.

Provide your address, and we’ll locate the nearest one for you.

Keep in mind, though, we don’t sell our products online, directly to the public or to contractors — only to those with trade counters.

Complete our online credit application if you’re interested.

Do you provide any warranty or guarantee on your copper pipes?

Absolutely, we provide a 25-year warranty covering manufacturers’ defects for all our products. Check out the details of our guarantee here.

What other products do you supply?

Our complete range of product includes copper pipes, tubes and fittings for plumbing, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, medical gases, and general engineering.

We also provide products for induction heating, brake pipes, electrical connectors, and shaped tubes, among others.

If you have a custom request, contact us for manufacturing options.

ISO 9001 certified copper pipes in Kuwait

We’re ISO 9001 certified, a global quality standard. This means we’re committed to delivering top-quality copper pipes and services consistently. It’s our way of assuring customers that Lawton Tubes always provides the best.

ISO 9001 is a guarantee to our customers that they will always receive the very best copper pipes and services with Lawton Tubes.

We’ve delivered a wide range of successful copper pipe projects across the Middle East region, including Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, and the surrounding areas. You can read our case studies below:

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