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At Lawton Tubes, we supply copper pipes in the United Arab Emirates.

We connect with local and independent merchants to offer top-notch plumbing and air-conditioning copper tubes across UAE cities, including Dubai.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve spread our wings to over 42 countries, serving the markets of plumbing, air-conditioning, medical, and industrial goods.

Explore our range of copper pipes and tubes:

Our copper pipe sizes

Wall (mm)TemperMax Working
Pressure bar up
 Diameter Tolerance MeanDiameter Tolerance Including Ovality
60.6 (TX)Half Hard133±10%± 0.04mm±0.09mm
60.6Soft90±10%± 0.04mmNot applicable
60.8 (TY)Half Hard188±10%± 0.04mm±0.09mm
80.6 (TX)Half Hard97±10%± 0.04mm±0.09mm
80.6Soft66±10%± 0.04mmNot applicable
80.8 (TY)Half Hard136±10%± 0.04mm±0.09mm
100.6 (TX)Half Hard77±10%± 0.04mm±0.09mm
100.7 (TY)Soft62±10%± 0.04mmNot applicable
100.8 (TY)Half Hard106±10%± 0.04mm±0.09mm
120.6 (TX)Half Hard63±10%± 0.04mm±0.09mm
120.8 (TY)Half Hard87±10%± 0.04mm±0.09mm
150.7 (TX)Half Hard58±10%± 0.04mm±0.09mm
151.0 (TY)Half Hard87±13%± 0.04mm±0.09mm
151.0 (TY)Soft67±13%± 0.04mmNot applicable
220.9 (TX)Half Hard51±10%± 0.05mm±0.10mm
221.2 (TY)Half Hard69±15%± 0.05mm±0.10mm
221.2 (TY)Soft57±15%± 0.05mmNot applicable
280.9 (TX)Half Hard40±10%± 0.05mm±0.10mm
281.2 (TY)Half Hard55±15%± 0.05mm±0.10mm
351.0 (LiteX)Hard42±15%± 0.06mm±0.07mm
351.2 (TX)Half Hard42±10%± 0.06mm±0.11mm
351.5 (TY)Hard64±10%± 0.06mm±0.07mm
421.0 (LiteX)Hard35±15%± 0.06mm±0.07mm
421.2 (TX)Half Hard35±10%± 0.06mm±0.11mm
421.5 (TY)Hard53±10%± 0.06mm±0.07mm
541.2 (TX)Hard33±15%± 0.06mm±0.07mm
542.0 (TY)Hard55±10%± 0.06mm±0.07mm
66.71.2 (TX)Hard26±15%± 0.07mm±0.10mm
66.72.0 (TY)Hard45±15%± 0.07mm±0.10mm
76.11.5 (TX)Hard29±15%± 0.07mm±0.10mm
76.12.0 (TY)Hard39±15%± 0.07mm±0.10mm
1081.5 (TX)Hard20±15%± 0.07mm±0.20mm
1082.5 (TY)Hard34±15%± 0.07mm±0.20mm
1331.5 (TX)Hard16±15%± 0.20mm±0.70mm
1592.0 (TX)Hard18±15%± 0.20mm±0.70mm
2193.0 (TX)Hard20±15%± 0.60mm±1.50mm
Our Medical & International Sales Manager at the Arab Health Exhibition Awards 2023 in Dubai (On the right)
Our Medical & International Sales Manager at the Arab Health Exhibition Awards 2023 in Dubai (On the right)

Benefits of our UAE Copper Pipes

100 Years of Quality Copper Pipes

For more than 100 years, Lawton Tubes has produced and sold copper pipes. You can be sure all our copper pipes are consistently high quality, having undergone rigorous testing at our Coventry-based facility.


Flexible choice of dimensions

We provide a range of 15mm copper pipes in various dimensions. Select your preferred wall thickness and length.


Fast shipping

You’ll find over 4,000 product lines in stock in our 60,000 square foot warehouse. We can reduce delivery times to an absolute minimum because we have so many copper pipes and parts accessible on demand.

One supplier for all your needs

Get all the copper pipes and fittings you require under one roof. Enjoy the convenience of having all your copper pipe orders filled – together with a comprehensive selection of fixtures and fittings. And with only one invoice to take care of, payments are easy.


Reliable and convenient delivery

We’ve delivered copper pipes around the Middle East region, including the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman and the surrounding region. We ship out about 120 customer orders daily, and  copper pipes will arrive promptly and in top condition, direct to you.

Testimonials from Our UAE Customers

Frequently asked questions about our UAE Copper Pipes

Where can I buy your copper pipes from?

We have a wide network of local and national merchants.

Share your address, and we’ll find the nearest one for you.

Our products are only available for purchase at trade counters.

Complete our online credit application.

Do you deliver internationally?

Absolutely, our export department can handle shipping via full container, LCL, or air based on what you need.

Just reach out to us.

Do you have facilities or offices outside the UK?

Our home base is in Coventry, United Kingdom, but we work closely with local distributors in more than 35 countries (including United Arab Emirates)

Do your copper pipes come with any warranty or guarantee?

We provide a 25-year warranty covering manufacturers’ defects for all our products. Check out the details of our guarantee here.

Do you provide a next-day service for your copper tubes?

Our next-day service is only available for accessories or palletised goods, due to the delicate nature of copper pipes, which are easily damaged if mishandled.

What other products do you supply?

Our complete range of product includes copper pipes, tubes and fittings for:

We also provide products for induction heating, brake pipes, electrical connectors, and shaped tubes, among others.

If you have a custom request, contact us for manufacturing options.

ISO 9001 certified copper pipes in UAE

We promise the best quality to all our customers, proven by our ISO 9001 accreditation – a widely recognised standard for excellence.

This means we consistently deliver quality copper pipes and services at Lawton Tubes, ensuring you always get the best.

Find out more about our dedication to quality here. 

Awards for our copper pipes

Based in the UK, Lawton Tubes is vastly experienced in delivering copper pipes internationally, completing projects in over 42 countries.

This has led to us receiving The Queens Award for Enterprise for our outstanding achievements in International Trade. You can find out more about our accolades below:

Medical copper pipe case study

When it comes to building cutting-edge medical facilities, only the best materials will suffice. That’s why the Dr Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Group (HMG), the largest provider of comprehensive care in the Middle East, turned to Lawton Tubes for their ambitious project – the construction of a state-of-the-art super-hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Lawton Tubes played a pivotal role in the success of a £147 million mega-project covering 44,000 square meters, towering 22 floors high – a monumental achievement in healthcare infrastructure.

When HMG needed a staggering 80,000 meters of medical copper pipe for the hospital’s crucial medical gas system, they entrusted Lawton Tubes to deliver excellence.

Read more about it in our case study.

Explore more of our case studies

If you want to read more about other projects we managed across the Middle East, you can view more case studies below.

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