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28mm Copper Pipe

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Product Information

At Lawton Tubes, we provide a wide range of 28mm copper pipes today.

Working Pressures / Mechanical Properties of our 28mm Copper Pipes

Dimensions and Tolerances (includes chrome plated and PVC covered)

Wall (mm)TemperMax Working
Pressure bar up
 Diameter Tolerance MeanDiameter Tolerance Including Ovality
280.9 (TX)Half Hard40±10%± 0.05mm±0.10mm
281.2 (TY)Half Hard55±15%± 0.05mm±0.10mm

Table X 28mm Copper Pipe capacity
O/D mmCapacity kg/m

Table Y 28mm Copper Pipe capacity

O/D mmCapacity kg/m

How far apart should the supports for copper pipes and tubes be placed?

The recommended intervals are set out in Table 1. Studying the table will show that fewer supports are required on vertical runs. This is because the vertical tube will not be subjected to possible sagging between supports. Excessive sagging will occur on horizontal runs of pipes made from any material if the supports are too far apart.

Diameter of Copper Pipe (mm)Intervals for Vertical Runs (m)Intervals for Horizontal Runs (m)
Table 1: Recommended Maximum Fixing Intervals for Copper Pipe & Tube Supports.

Frequently Asked Questions

What test certificates do you offer for your copper pipes and tubes?

All our copper pipes are manufactured to BS EN1057, ISO 9001, and kitemarked

What’s your minimum order for copper pipes?

1,000kgs of copper tube for FOC (approx. £6,000 ex VAT in value)

Where do your copper products originate from?

A large proportion of copper for our products, including our 12mm pipe, is mined in Chile. There are around 30 processing plants and factories around the world with a variety of capabilities; we have two drawing plants based in the UK.

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